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Smile Design

What procedures are applied to the teeth to achieve a beautiful smile?

Smile design is a cosmetic dental procedure that corrects teeth imperfections and restores your dental health and appearance 

Smiling is one of the most important facial expressions and can make you look younger.


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How to make a smile design and what are the treatment stages?

It involves a customised aesthetic dental procedure that corrects teeth imperfections and restores your longer lasting dental health  to achieve a straighter, whiter and natural looking smile.


Which details should be taken into account when designing an aesthetic smile?

The maxillary incisal edge (central incisor in the front upper jaw and usually the most visible of all teeth in the mouth ) position is the most important aspect in smile creation because once set, it serves as a reference point to decide the proper tooth proportion and gingival levels.The parameters are;  degree of tooth display,phonetics.


Is face shape important in smile design?

The shape of the face is integral and is central as the most important aspect of smile design.

What is the time frame of the treatment period?

The smile design procedures, which vary from person to person, essentially  ascertains the duration of the time frame of treatment and is usually  between 5 to 7  days depending on the individual.


What treatments does smile aesthetics include?

Zirconium crowns, laminate veneers , gum treatment,whitening, adjustment of tooth length, bridge, lip shaping.


Is smile aesthetics permanent?

The final results of the treatment are permanent and leave you with an enhanced and thoroughly confident smile.

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